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 Cutting Costs

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Since things in the economy have headed south, my husband and I are trying to be more mindful of where we spend our money. We have cut back on dinners out, pared down our cable service, and shopped around to find any service we can get for a cheaper price. The one thing we won’t cut out of our budget is our home securitY. We talked long and hard about it and decided the risk just wasn’t worth the couple of measly dollars we would save every month. And you know what? An awesome thing happened. While we were shopping around for better prices on essential services, we found out that we actually qualified for a discount on our homeowner’s insurance, simply for having an alarm! This was essentially the best news ever. Not only do we get to preserve the peace of mind our alarm system provides us, we are actually saving money having one! It’s kind of mind-boggling, really. I’d definitely pay a lot extra for this sense of security, and our insurance company is basically giving it to us for free. Amazing.

 WoW Conquest Review

This Warcraft Conquest review is for one of the latest WoW Guides to hit the market.
First thing this morning I was sent an email about this new guide (warcraft conquest) that is about to hit the web. I get a number of these emails each and every week, and most of them I simply delete due to the fact that I have read it a so many times before. But for some reason something kept me a little more interested. The guide discusses stuff beyond just the basics.which naturally, all of them think they are “pros”, but this guide really walks the walk.
The majority of the time when I hear “new” related to WoW guides it can just be brushed aside. But, a few pages into this guide I knew it was going to be worth reading. And I am really glad I did read it. In my Warcraft Conquest review I found this guide definitely has a few innovative techniques and tactics that virtually all other guide available on the market doesn’t even know about. I pride myself as being an expert (especially when it comes to earning gold), but warcraft conquest had a few pretty ground breaking strategies.
So what does this all mean?
Instead of simply leveling to 85 like anyone else that has free time is able to do, or making gold the slow and painful way, a player will be able to truly dominate end game content that only a few the world’s greatest guilds could ever accomplish before.
And what does this mean?
More domination in battlegrounds, arena, and PvP. Better gear, epics, weapons and PILES of gold
Have you heard enough? You can check it out here by clicking on this link.Warcraft Conquest
And that’s not all! Max Lee, the legend behind Warcraft Conquest, has put together a complete step by step video guide series on LITERALLY EVERYTHING from how to defeat every boss in Vortex Pinnacle to how to play your class at the highest possible skill levels. Every so often you might find a few of his tactics discussed in other guides, but this is the first time they have been condensed into one mega guide.
Will Warcraft Conquest forever change World of Warcraft and be the last guide you ever invest in?
That all depends on you, your play style and where you’re headed in WoW. That said, from what I have seen this is one of the most complete and comprehensive guides to date. It has a great social platform so you can communicate with other gamers, loads of videos, hundreds of pages of text guides and more there’s plenty to keep even the hardest core level 85 gamers busy.
You should really check this guide out.For more information click on the following link:

Article brought to you by Warcraft-Shack. For more cool WoW stuff check out

 Carbon Catcher UK Energy Efficiency Strategies

Studies show that energy efficiency initiatives have more beneficial outcome beyond delaying global warming effects.  Private and governmental initiatives to reduce carbon footprints prove to be worthwhile endeavors.  The State of California, the most populous state in the US has on-going energy efficiency measures which has resulted in the lowest per capita energy consumption in the country for four decades.  Other states and countries have also intensified their carbon reduction programs.


The UK has made an ambitious commitment to reduce carbon footprints to 50 percent of the 1990 levels by 2025, 60 per cent by 2030, and 80 per cent by 2050.  To achieve this, both government and the citizenry will require national will.  Poised to be an active partner in this national endeavor is Carbon Catcher UK, at http://www.carboncatcher.org.uk, a well established company specializing in carbon reduction techniques for business.  Carbon Catcher UK analyses the needs of businesses such as office buildings and warehouses, makes a detailed plan for energy efficiency conversions and implements the changes using industry reliable resources.


Some energy efficient measures that carboncatcher.org.uk propose include:

  • Use of newer energy efficient lighting systems which emit brighter whiter light than older systems.
  • Retrofitting with intelligent lighting systems which take advantage of daylight coming from windows and automatically dimming the lights on bright days, estimated to bring about 20 per cent cost savings.
  • Intelligent occupancy detection systems which turn off lights when a room is not populated.
  • Warehouses can have storage racks well lighted but fitted with motion detectors in aisles and hallways to dim lights when not in use.

It is known that reduction in energy cost can brings about overall production savings which can translate to reduction in cost of goods.