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 Nature’s Inspiration


By Nora Quiason


If you have ever felt stressed out and needed some time to compose yourself, take a nature walk.  Walk in your neighborhood or in a park near you or by the beach or a riverbank if you are near one.  You have likely done this many times before but this time, walk deliberately.  Feel the air, listen to the sounds of nature, really look and notice nature’s colors.  Feel the ground under your feet and the breeze on your face.  Be in the moment.  Allow your mind to take in the wonders that unfold.  Be one with nature.

Consider this.  Now is the only time there is.  Yesterday is gone with all its wonderful things and all its pain and regrets.  Tomorrow is only a promise.  What you are stressing about are all past events for the present quickly fades into the past.  Your worries are about the future as if it is a for sure thing.  NOW is the only time there is. Live it.  Smell the flowers, feel the sun on your face, kiss someone.  Say “I love you” to the ones you love.  Love for the fun of loving even if you are not loved back.  Flowers bloom even when there is no one to see and appreciate them.  Birds sing even when there is no one to hear.  Say your “thank you’s” and your “I am sorry’s.”  Now may be the only time you have.  The future is only a promise.  Live now, in gratitude for all that has been given.

And if you do not think you have the time to go outside, click this link for a short stress buster, nature’s inspiration. Nature’s Inspiration Movie


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