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 What to Watch

Posted by Hyman Weeks

When I got my first TV I didn’t really have any idea what to watch. I looked at cable TV rankings and found out that some shows were more popular than others but for some reason I couldn’t really get into LOST and all those other weird, sci fi mystery kind of shows. That is, before I found Glee. I was a total high school glee club nerd and I can’t tell you guys how much I love this show! It has gotten a bit racy for my taste in the last couple of seasons but I just love the way the characters all break out into song and dance whenever they feel like it. That’s not exactly what my high school was like and of course none of us were that good looking but it sure is fun reliving those days once a week when I watch my episode on DVR. I don’t know why it took so long for a show like this to come out and I love every minute of it!

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