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Archive for October, 2011

 WoW Conquest Review

This Warcraft Conquest review is for one of the latest WoW Guides to hit the market. First thing this morning I was sent an email about this new guide (warcraft conquest) that is about to hit the web. I get a number of these emails each and every week, and most of them I simply […]

 Carbon Catcher UK Energy Efficiency Strategies

Studies show that energy efficiency initiatives have more beneficial outcome beyond delaying global warming effects.  Private and governmental initiatives to reduce carbon footprints prove to be worthwhile endeavors.  The State of California, the most populous state in the US has on-going energy efficiency measures which has resulted in the lowest per capita energy consumption in […]

 Attractive Patient Gowns Add to Hospital Customer Service

Healthcare facilities are getting it. They are building patient rooms that look like hotel rooms with alcoves for the family member who wants to stay with the patient.