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 Attractive Patient Gowns Add to Hospital Customer Service

By Nora Quiason


It is time for that yearly mammogram and the technician ushers me into a room to change into that patient gown that opens in front. Lo and behold, I was handed a printed cotton kimono style top attractive enough to lounge around at home in. Yes, hospitals are not just getting eco-friendly, they are finding ways to change that sterile foreboding image into a more  patient friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Companies like Blue Sky Scrubs at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/ are dedicated to making operating room and other healthcare department attire more pleasing to the patient.  White coats have a tendency to unconsciously raise my blood pressure so waking up from a procedure with colorfully attired personnel can be very calming.


Nursing uniforms have come a long way from the stiff starched white cotton uniform and cap.  There is no end to the imaginative designs of what used to be green and blue scrub pajama sets to floral, animal, geometric and child friendly tops and pants.  The stiff white shoes have given way to more ergonomic work shoes.  Little wonder that style is coming to patient gowns as well.  The top I was given, while it snapped in front also had attached waist sash that came around the back to tie in front to prevent display of body part before it is necessary.


Healthcare facilities are getting it.  They are building patient rooms that look like hotel rooms with alcoves for the family member who wants to stay with the patient.  Cafeteria menus are not only healthy but just as tasty and eye pleasing  as the neighborhood restaurant menu. Some hospitals have on demand room service meals so you just call when you are ready.  They are making the check-in and admission process just as streamlined as the hotels do.  Customer service has come to health care.

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