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 Attractive Patient Gowns Add to Hospital Customer Service

Healthcare facilities are getting it. They are building patient rooms that look like hotel rooms with alcoves for the family member who wants to stay with the patient.

 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Stains and Odors

While pets bring pet owners priceless joy and comfort, cleaning their mess is an ever present challenge especially on carpets. Left untreated for long periods of time, the pet owner may have no other recourse but to call in professional cleaning companies to thoroughly clean pet stained carpets and eliminate odors. This is especially problematic for landlords who may realize only too late that a tenant’s pet has regularly done is business inside the house with carpet and flooring replacement the only recourse.

 Cotton Scrub Suits Add Glamour to Dull Uniforms

Back to scrub suits that are not plain dull green, blue or burgundy, designers have come up with multiple fabric designs. Colors and designs abound from hot pink scrubs to Katherine Heigl inspired doctor outfits. Designer scrub suits are in online shops and stores near you.